Is a semi-permanent make-up to fully or partially camouflage parts of your missing eyebrow
hair which appear like actual hair. This appearance is achieved by using tiny needles (instead of
tattoo gun) that are fused together to create a small blade to help deposit pigment (that mimics
the appearance of real hair) under your skin. The goal for this procedure is to get you a natural
looking full brow in the end.


Anyone with the passion for perfect eyebrow can learn to do this. You don’t have to have prior
experience with tattooing. All you need is your desire to help people have that perfect brow as
soon as they wake up from their sleep. Luxe-Tique Academy has a very talented and
experienced instructor who will guide you long the way to be a master of microblading at the
end of the course. You will be learning all theories, color mixtures, application and procedure,
and everything you need to know about microblading that you will be ready and confident to
perform this procedure at the end of your training.


Included in this training is a Kit that comes with everything you need to perform microblading.
There will be enough materials in this kit for you to be able to do 70+ clients with.


There is a growing market of clients for microblading out there, and the earlier you get into the
business, the more chance you have to build up a client base and make a name out there as the
“best” microblading technician out there. The kit that comes with this course alone will pay for
the course itself and more. If you are doing it part-time, whether you are a student or want to
moonlight from one job to another, this is the perfect side career that could potentially bring
you more money than your regular day job. Offering this service, as a business/salon owner will
definitely increase your revenue and attract more clients as well.


You can expect a small class size and intense personal attention during the class. You will be
thought everything you need to know about the basics of microblading. You will be learning the
proper way to draw the eyebrow, mix pigment colors, which pigment color is proper for a
certain skin tone/hair color, and so much more. You will learn a wide range of stroke patterns,
brow mapping, tattoo correction, and differences between blades. This course is meant to
prepare and equip you with all the knowledge you need to perform microblading with
confidence as a technician. You will also get an unlimited support from your instructor during
and after course completion. Classes have 4 weeks intervals and it’s on every Mon and tue.
Here’s an overview of what you can expect during your course for microblading:

1st day (8 hrs)
- Theory and practice
- Information about client consent form and liability release documents that clients need to sign
- Client consultations
- Proper set-up of microblading equipment
- Treatment room preparation
- Skin type differences
- Practice techniques on silicon pads
- Mapping the brows
- Live demonstration by instructor

2nd day (8 hrs)
- Testing and work on 2 live models
- Long and short-term care
- Observing health and safety while completing techniques
- Learn how much you can earn based on $400/client
- Certification form Luxe recognized by insurance companies


Acrylic Application- Investment $685

Microblading (2 Days) - Investment $1899

Eyelashes - Investment $899

Lash Lifts $399

Mani/Pedi?Gel Polish $599

Hyaluron Pen $2700


Classes from 10-5:30pm

30% Deposit Required, balance to be paid 2 days prior to class date