It may say “express” but you get that light really clean and moisturized feeling on your facial skin after this process. We will first cleanse your skin with a gel or milk-based cleanser, and then you will get a serum applied on and get under the steamer for at least 10 minutes to open up your pores so it can absorb the serum. Then you will get a toner applied and have a moisturizer
massaged into your skin after.



It will start with a cleanse to clean up your skin, and then you will then get a scrub. Then, you will get a serum applied on your skin, and go under the steamer to open up your pores so the serum can be absorbed properly and prepare you for exfoliation. After about 10 mins, black heads, white heads and any impurities will be extracted. After this, you will get a 24K Gold collagen mask, have toner applied and lastly, get a moisturizer massaged on your skin. 

• Add 24K eye and lip mask for $15




You will get a back, neck and shoulder massage, this helps relax your muscles and improve blood circulation in your body, which leads to a better overall well-being. If adding back cleansing, this process will include extracting impurities in your back to
make it nice and smooth at the end of the process.



A deeper massage with the strength of your choice. This helps release stress from your muscles and joints. It will calm your nerves and helps improve blood circulation. At the end of the process you will feel invigorated and ready for a new challenge. This could be a full body massage or a more detailed massage on your preferred part of your body. You can also include a back cleanse with this service.

• Back cleanse- additional $15