Full Set  $38

Fill in   $26

Bio Gel Full Set  $55

Bio Gel Fill  $38

Pink and white set  $50

Pink and white

ombre set  $50

Nude Powder Full Set  $50

Nude Powder Fill  $35

Pink Full Set  $45

Pink Fill  $33

Glitter Full Set  $46

Glitter Fill  $36

Glow in the Dark  $50

Glow in the Dark Fill  $36

Sculpted Set  $65

Full set Toes  $45

Fill on Toes $35

2 Big Toe Nails  $18

Fill 2 big toes $10


Mani  $25

Cut, shape, clear  $15

Gel polish Mani $33

Gel polish  $26

Gel polish removal  $10

Pedi  $35

Polish change toes  $18

Polish change hands $18

Gel Polish Pedi  $45

Gel Polish Toes  $25

Mani/Pedi  $50

Gel Mani/Reg. Pedi  $60

Add gel to toes  $10

Shave down toe nails  $15


Hand Painted: $1 per minute

Foil or Tape  $  5

2 Stones  $  1

Stone Design  $10

Stone Full Nail  $10+

1Colour Ombre  $12

2Colours Ombre  $15

3Colours Ombre  $18

Glitter Ombre  $12

2 Nail Glitter Ombre  $  5

Full Glitter Nail  $  6

All Glitter Nail  $20

Charms  $  7

Tape All  $10

2 for  $  6 

Pricing may vary and depending on products and intricacy 

Our Lil’ Loves

Baby Mani  $16

Baby Gel Polish  $18

Baby Pedi  $25

Baby Gel Polish Pedi  $31

Baby Mani/Pedi  $34

Polish Fingers  $  8

Polish Toe  $10

Luxe Specialty

Luxe Mani  $40

Lavish Mani  $45

Moisturizig Waterless

Mani  $45

Luxe Pedi  $48

Lavish Pedi  $54

Champagne Bliss Pedi  $75

Anti-bacterial Pedi  $65


Cuticle trim with fill or set  $  7

Natural nail trim and shape  $  3

Long nails  $  5+

Broken nails (each)  $  2

Broken nails long (each)  $  4

Reshape a set  $10-$15

Coffin, stiletto,

almond shape  $  5

Gel top coat  $  3

Soak/take off set  $15

** combined with

other service  $10

French, add  $  5

Nail patch  $ 5

10min massage  $15

Chrome 2nails- $6 4nails- $10      

 All nails- $15

**Personal Nail Kit  $10

Live Luxe

Bliss Me  $135

(Reg. pedi + deep clean facial+

½ hour infrared sauna)

Pamper Me  $160

(30 min massage w/ back cleanse+

deep clean facial+ spray tan)

Luxe Me  $145

(30min massage w/ back cleanse+

pedi+ deep clean facial)

Lavish Me  $199

(20min FAR infrared sauna+ 2 luxe

facials for maximum skin rejuvenation



Fingers  $15+

Toes  $15+

Arms: Half  $35+

Full  $45+

Under Arms  $25+

Legs: Half  $35+

Full  $55+

Bikini Line  $40+

Stomach  $35+

Lower Back  $35+

Full Back  $60+

Men’s Shoulder  $40+

Men’s Chest  $40+


Eye Brows  $15

Lip  $  6

Chin  $  6

Ear to Ear  $15

Full Face  $32






Regular  $20+

Glitter  $20+


Luxe Facial  $55

Luxe Deep clean

(with extraction)  $75

Training Academy


Acrylic Application

Mani/Pedi procedures/designs

Eyelash Extension

Lash Lift

*Call for more information

and pricing



May 21-22

June 10-11

July 2-3/22-23

August 12-13

September 3-4/23-24

October 15-16

November 4-5/25-26

December 16-17


Acrylic Application

June 3/24

July 15

August 6/26

September 16

October 7/28

November 18

December 9/30

Eyelash Extension                  Lash Lift                       

May 27                                             May 21                     

June 17                                             June 4/18

July 8/29                                         July 2/16/30

August 19                                         August 13/27

September 9/30                             September 10/24

October 21                                       October 18/22

November 11                                   November 5/19

December 2/23                              December 3/17

“The best colour in the world is the colour that looks best on you”

- Coco Chanel -




Established in 2014, Luxe-Tique quickly became one of Windsor’s most sought out and trusted nail salons, keeping up with all the latest nail trends, newest products and adhering to all health unit regulations. We quickly found that we were in need of a larger space and the time finally came to make our move. Along with our expansion we made our mission to reinvent the typical nail salon experience, adding many more services to our studio spread such as facials, massages, spray tanning, as well as the addition of our FAR infrared sauna. With our big move, we also boast custom made  luxurious pedicure throne, and salon furniture. Our pedi throne along with its pipeless jet technology and magnetic jet system, makes for the most sanitary pedicure experience. We have also felt it is best to keep all our sanitization procedures out and in the open to completely ease everyone who walks through our door on the cleanliness of our tools and the salon all in all. Each client will receive their own pumice stone, file and buffer and clearly see that all our stainless steel implements are thoroughly sanitized to health unit standards right before your eyes. Cleanliness and sanitization is a top priority here at Luxe-Tique. In addition, we found our hometown of Windsor YQG  was lacking in beauty training certification courses and we realized how difficult  it is to enter the beauty industry, having to travel hours out of town to receive training, we have decided to be that stepping stone and share our  extensive knowledge of the industry to aspiring entrepreneurs longing to enter the beauty industry by adding certification training courses to our spread, becoming Windsor’s first upscale nail studio and training academy with dedicated space serving as a fully equipped training facility. You can be rest assured that our staff are all well trained in their field. We have excellent nail technicians who are artists in their own rights, who can do free hand painting, 3D designs and stone designs on your nails. They are so good at what they do, your nails becomes an artist’s canvass, you sure will be proud to show off to everyone around you when they are done with it. Moreover, they are always open and willing to listen to however you want your nails done, and will do what you want to the best of their ability and will give you an advice that best suits you.  Come in and get pampered by one of  our  amazingly talented technicians, we are here to listen to your special request and take care of your beautification needs. We give tremendous thanks to all of our loyal clients who have made this possible for all of us here at Luxe-tique. LIVE LUXE.